Too often students are asked to make big decisions, like attending college, without understanding where those decisions will lead. This favors families that can afford to take risks, but leads to challenges when students don’t graduate or have difficulty putting a degree to work. We all know too many examples.

Career Assessment

Different roles allow us to conduct research into future possibilities or past events, find ways to share our creative ideas, encourage others and influence their decisions, or provide important services people need.


Education plays an important role in cultivating learning not only through books and curricular courses but also through various means such as environmental factors and social interactions which helps in personality development that can affect a person's professionnal choices.


Personal and preferred trait such as being on the collaborative side or more on the creative and visionary aspect or maybe a student likes to be more analytical. This set of traits becomes an important factor for career counselors to better help create a targetted and specific designed career path for students.

Happiness Trait

Gives an option to students one motivating factor as to how they evaluate and choose which type of career to pursue in life to give them that flare, passion to satisfy their needs to be happy in any given profession.