What We Do

"Most people need some preparation before they’re ready for the workforce, and planning should begin long before it’s time to start a career.", says Elka Torpey, a DOL economist on the Department of Labor website.

We help schools introduce early stage career planning to their students in a safe environment, and share their favorites with counselors through a student profile.

Why Workkel?
Workkel levels the playing field. Children from wealthier families benefit from their parents' experience more than their peers, learning about different professions that children from modest backgrounds will never hear about.

A little insight can be a big step forward. Some adults struggle for years to settle into a career. Others find their true calling later, often through trial and error. Focusing earlier can be an advantage.

Workkel improves the current system. Despite a big focus on college selection in many high schools, many students don’t finish where they start. We help students focus their plans for education and training after high school.

Designed for your institution. Each institution can decide whether to integrate Workkel into a hands-on planning process or offer as a self-service tool for students.


  • What roles do students see? Our software first displays roles that fit with a student’s personalities, interests and plans for education. Students can also choose to explore other roles.
  • How are students matched to role? Our system aligns most closely with Holland Codes, a theory of careers and vocational choice that was initially developed by American psychologist John L. Holland.
  • Does workkel only help college bound students? No. Like the overall economy, many jobs in our system do not require a college degree.

  • Is it too early to begin career planning? The Department of Labor website says most people can benefit from some career planning in high school. We agree.
  • What if our students already made college plans? Spending time and money without knowing where it will lead can leave students highly leveraged and underemployed later in life. Improving career focus can help people at any age.

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